Our oak sleepers make up more than half of our total sales.
These sleepers are 100% natural and are an untreated product - they're a premium product without the premium price!

Our durable, high-quality and dense Oak is suitable for:

  • Retaining Walls
  • Raised Borders
  • Vegetable Beds
  • Steps
  • Garden Edging
  • Rustic Furniture Making

Our customers use these for everything from construction lintels to interior woodworking.

We recommend using a wood preservative on the sleepers prior to installation so that you can paint all sides, this will help protect the timber from decay, mould  and fungal growth and help to form a defence against the elements. 

Our oak is sourced from European suppliers who where possible use sustainable materials.

A large proportion of our suppliers are part of the replanting scheme. By using sustainable timber we are contributing to the continual growth of forests, which absorb carbon dioxide, the major greenhouse gas.

Sleeper Grading:
European Oak sleepers are a natural product and cut individually. This will lead to a more rustic appearance.
Generally sleepers will have at least 3 square edges, you will find splits, cracks and small discrepencies in sizing ( a bit like the old reclaimed sleepers)

New softwood sleepers or the premium Canadian oak are more suited when cleaner lines and a modern look are needed.


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